Manux additional term to the GPLv3, version 1

This is an additional term to the GPLv3. As stated in the GPLv3 itself, you are allowed to remove it; in addition, even if you receive and/or convey the file that contains it, you are not requested to accept it.

If you accept it, this additional term alters your rights as granted by the GPLv3 with regards to this version of Manux, in that :

If accepted, this additional term only applies to the unmodified version of Manux for which it has been accepted, not to any other software, even if they are also covered by the GPLv3.

As a closing remark, the Manux author would like to mention that even if you decided not to accept this additional term, this would still not allow you to call your distribution a standard Manux distribution, because doing so would contravene trademark law (as well as the laws against false advertisement, in all likeliness).