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(The "Coordinates" file the text refers to is available within the kernel source code.)


After thinking about it, I found that the GPLv3 is a rather good software license. However, there are some problems with regards to its conformity with French law. To solve them, I decided to distribute Manux under the GPLv3 with an additional term which adds it the required mentions. Of course, as the GPLv3 itself mentions it, you can remove it; however, in this case, it's naturally up to you to check this license's conformity to the applicable law.

As an aside, I've been quite (negatively) surprised by the issues I noticed in the quite simple problem of GPLv3/French law interaction, thus I've decided to be careful. And since there are hundreds of legal systems on Earth (taking into account federal states), I doubt there is none that considers that the term "standard" implies a guarantee from the person that regulates it. Thus, to cut short to any legal problems I could encounter due to this, I've decided to put the right to create standard distributions in the additional term. This means that, if you create a standard Manux distribution, AND you decide to sue me, you can only do so under French law, which doesn't admits such things.

Precisions regarding the conformity issues with French law

If you're interested by this, here are the conformity issues that I've noticed :

(Upon reading what precedes, I guess my reader will have understood while I'm careful about interactions with unknown foreign laws...)

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